" Swedish illustrator Josefine Svärd creates fantastical stippling art that captures the beauty of nature. Celestial skies, trees, mountains, and wild animals are composed of millions of tiny hand-drawn dots, bringing them to life in intricate detail. Many of the artist’s scenes are framed within hand-drawn geometric frames, but often feature elements such as rivers and trees that seem to spill out and grow from the confines of their entrapping lines. "


                                                           - My Modern Met

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Josefine Svärd

19 February 1994

Gränna, Sweden

Fulltime as a designer and illustrator.  I sell my designs on my own products in my webshop. I also work with designing custom designs and illustrations for tattoos, invites, gifts and also for company logos and commercial use.

Through years of practise, experimentation and studies, I have created my own personal art style.

After high school, I tried a lot of different types of jobs and tried to find what I want to do with my life.
I never really found a profession I really loved, so I started to focus on my studies again.

I took classes from home because of my severe anxiety due to my Borderline diagnosis. And meanwhile I aslo started to design and illustrate more, both through school and on my own.

In 2015 I started my own business and, and when I was done with school I had created a good enough platform for me to work as an artist on fulltime.

Now I live and breath art everyday.
I work with designing and selling my own products and creating unique and personal designs & illustrations for all sorts of amazing purposes!

And as a designer and illustrator I get to work together with clients, companies and colleagues from all over the world. 



2 0 1 1   -   2 0 1 3

Culture & Idea History
Photographic Design
Art & Shape Basic Course
Contemporary Art
Aesthetic Orientation
Artistic Deepening
Public Art
Art & Shape Deepening

2 0 1 4   -   2 0 1 7

Digital Design
Graphic Design
Graphic Communication

Entrepenourship & Buisness

2 0 1 5  -  T O D A Y

Started & run my own business



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