Download a high resoluted digital print to take to your tattoo artist if you want to get a tattoo of my artwork. Instead of printscreening hours of my time and work, purchase a quality print and both me and your tattoo artist will be grateful.


Image size: 2100px x 3543px

There is a banner on the top of the file that have information and a "Approved for tattoo" stamp on it so your tattoo artist will know you have paid and supported the original artist.
The banner should not be cropped out from the file.

The file may not be shared or used in any other way than for one tattoo.
You are not allowed to send it to any other than your tattoo artist.
And the tattoo artist is not allowed to use this file for more than one tattoo.


The downloaded file will be avalible for download for 30 days.

Octophant Digital Print

  • Hi, thank you for supporting my work!
    There are some few things I want you to know before you use this file.


    • When you download this you agree to only use this print for private use, such as a tattoo design.


    • This file is OK to give to your tattoo artist for a tattoo design.
      The file have a banner and a stamp on it that gives you permission to use it for a tattoo design.


    • It is really important for me that this file does not get shared or used in any other way, than for you giving it to your tattoo artist or if we have agreed on anything else. It's ONLY for private use, and for ONE tattoo. The tattoo artist may not keep the design.


    • If you use this file for anything else than we have agreed on, you are violating my Copyright and I will charge and report you for the violation. It's NOT OK to use this file for printing or anything else you might profit on.


    • The file is watermarked and Copyrighted to protect my property and artwork.


    Thank you so much for supporting my work and art!
    I am so thankful for you going the extra way and doing the right thing!
    Contact me if you have any other questions.

    Kindly, Josefine Svärd

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